BREAKCulprit Bicycles was founded on these 3 principles. The company desires to break the way that we do things. Each rider/person is a unique individual and they should be given the chance to express themselves in personality and in what they ride. The founders personally never wanted to ride the same bike as the rider next to him so for their cycling career they have always had the bikes custom painted to be slightly different. Why should you be conformed to one spec/ one color option. Culprit breaks the standard by allowing you to choose stickers and colors at an affordable price. Culprit also believes in a 3G(smart phone) world, the consumer and way of shopping has changed so we started the company around that new form of sales.
BREEDCulprit believes in breeding innovation. There is no reason to copy and conform to the ways of the past or tradition if there is a better way. Our Junior bikes were bred by the lack of high end bikes for those future racers who desire to ride alongside their parents or for those who cannot find a proper bike in their smaller size. The aero one was bred to be a pure racing machine where you get the chance to buy the newest technology with 2 ways to build in one. When you step into disc brake bikes, why not have both options and be allowed to continue to use your expensive wheels you have collected over years of saving? Culprit Bicycles believes innovation and passion are cultivated within and is trying to continue to breed new technology and help breed passion to the sport through adults and younger generations.
BONDBy selling carbon bikes consumer direct, Culprit bicycles has the opportunity to better know their riders. We can receive your feedback and advice and want to invite you into the Culprit family. Starting with the parents and also sharing the sport through your children or friends. Cycling bonds generations and friends together and we desire for Culprit Bicycles to build a lasting relationship with you as well.